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Graham WilkinsonSelf Titled— Formerly Graham Wilkinson & the Underground Township, Wilkinson has struck out on his own to release his first self titled solo acoustic album highlighting his folk singer roots in a raw setting of performance. He decided to produce a solo album in order to remind him of where he began his musical career and offer fans a more personal songwriting experience.  Still performing with the Underground, they are hard at work producing an album expected to be released in the spring.  4.0 McRiprock’s

 Frantic ClamAnatomica—Being referred to as everything from art rock, southern rock, glam rock and indie rock the band isn’t sure just where they agree they fit in. They surge with high hitting vocals and restive guitar sounds with punk energy mixed in with indie-pop. Frantic Clam began when Zack Hadley and Joe Sparks were deployed to Iraq with the US Army. During their 15 month deployment the two became friends and began writing music.  Returning to the U.S. in 2007, they began recording their first EP, Celebrity, meeting their drummer and guitarist who would round out the band. 4.5 McRipRock’s

Keith Cornella and Broken CityArms Are Falling—Running the gamut from uptempo pop rock to ambient psychedelic, Boston’s Keith Cornella and Broken City has a broad variety of styles and can’t be pinned down. The album opens layering with eastern-infused howls of the title track “Arms Are Falling.” Continuing on the album takings you to “Energy” and “Engage” which are more upbeat tracks than the opening.  The album fuses darkly tinted, yet uplifting ballads including “Loaded Lovers” and “Free Ride” detailing the feelings of heartbreak and liberation. “PowPopBam!” is an aggressive punk/rockabilly tune that brings things back to the center. It’s orchestral rock and textured pop in a nutshell. 4.0 McRiprock’s.

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