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The Soldier ThreadShapes— Austin’s indie rock band debuts their first full-length album. Featuring the bands well-known male/female harmonies, Rhodes piano and the viola on their debut EP Fevers and Fireworks caught the attention of audiences and garnered the band comparisons to Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros and Homesick for Space. During the last year, the band was selected as a finalist for Spin Magazine’s “Hot Pursuit” contest and their music was featured on MTV’s “The Real World.” Five of the eleven tracks on Shapes features bittersweet undertones featuring string arrangements performed by The Tosca string Quartet. Comparable to Death Cab for Cutie with singles like “Cannons” that brings forth an unforgettable chorus.

5.0 McRiprock’s

 Jenny WolfeAfter School—Rock n’ roll Austinite Jenny Wolfe is a seasoned veteran in the Austin music scene at only 16 years old. Her first album was released at the age of 13, and now, with a more mature voice and help from her rock n’ roll mentor Freddie Steady she takes on some sixties classis, some Explosives covers and a few originals. 4.0 McRiprock’s.

 Drew Smith’s Lonely ChoirSelf Titled–Voted Best Austin Artist Record of 2008 by Austin.com, Drew Smith has something to sing about. He brings about a pop sound just as easily as he does a sauntry ballard yet making everything his own. It’s both artsy and pop filled at the same time and definitely worth a spin. Stand out tracks include “Nilsson Sings Newman,” “Diamonds” and “Something So Much.” 5.0 McRiprock’s.

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