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  1. Sue

    Thank you SO MUCH for the Ethan Hawke interviews!

  2. Magda

    I loved so much this interview. Ethan Hawke is a intelligent man so much. And to me he is a great artist. Not only an actor but writer and film director too.

  3. NINA

    I’m in my aunt’s house and watched this interview with Ethan Hawke and I loved. I watched Assault on 13ยช DP and I loved. My aunt loves so much Ethan Hawke and now I love too. She tells he just make intelligent movies. And she read his two books. I think that this guy is amazing. A few cinemas showed “Um Amor Jovem” (as call The Hottest State here) but, I hope watch it in DVD. Thanks Michelle for interview. Thanks Ethan for your fantastic movies.

  4. Moni

    It’s always a please to see Ethan with Ethan Hawke. The Texas may fell proud this son so intelligent and sensitive.