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Wait, wait, There it is! (reverse)…We turn into the Hopdoddy parking lot on SoCo and to my surprise, there are actually parking spaces to choose from. On the way inside the burger bar I notice posters supporting local musicians-rock on. Super amped about my future (all natural) hamburger and feeling a little bit like a rock star myself after such excellent parking karma, I grab a menu and muse at some of the clever names for Hopdoddy’s gourmet burgers.  There’s the Magic Shroom (beef, Texas goat cheese, field mushrooms and basil pesto), the Continental Club (turkey, provolone, apple-smoked bacon, arugula and basil pesto) and the Janis Joplin (hemp seed veggie patty, avocado, sunflower sprouts and Tillamook cheddar) not to mention the Ahi Tuna Burger and Llano Poblano, just to name a few.
Did you know that Hopdoddy uses all organic Maine Sodas with REAL cane sugar? No HFCS here! They also offer Kombucha and floats and shakes made from scratch with house-churned ice cream; add a little Godiva Dark Chocolate liquor or Bailey’s Irish cream for a special treat.  There is also wine, cocktails and a wide array of ‘Craft Draft’ with names like Independence Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout and Thirsty Goat Amber that I will definitely have to try next time.  Is Thursday good for you?
Time to order: I’m intrigued by The Big Buck (domestic venison, caramelized onions, bourbon cherry chutney and brie) but the sadist in me wants the El Diablo which has fresh serranos and a patty made with habaneros.  The sadist wins, and I get a side of chile cheese fries and a Maine root beer to help quell the pain.  Russ orders The Goodnight (beef, Tillamook cheddar, and Mesquite BBQ sauce) and we share.
I’m impressed; the burgers are so savory you almost have to eat them with your eyes closed. Now comes the point in every good meal when you have to choose between powering through the second half because it’s so damn good, or taking it to go and getting two meals for the price of one.  Super stuffed after only half a burger, I decide to take the rest home to surprise myself later when I rummage through the fridge…score!  The server brings a piece of butcher paper and a small brown paper bag (Hopdoddy uses biodegradable to go containers and utensils made from plant starch; they also recycle and compost leftovers, and the word on the street is that they are installing a reverse osmosis water filter!)
We pay the bill and offer up our $5 guitar pick coupon (that’s right, it’s a guitar pick) and feeling about a pound heavier than when we came in, we meander back out to the car, which thank Goddess isn’t very far at all.
Until next time,
Peace, Love and Haphazardness
Sheryl Davis

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  1. Larry Davis

    Sounds good, Sheryl. How come you haven’t taken us there before? Oh well, maybe next time.