6/26 Lukas Nelson & PoTR at Antone’s

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The excitement filled the packed sold out house at Antone’s – continuing the 46th Anniversary Celebration. Lukas took to the stage with his band,  Promise of the Real with a special mini guest, named Leon. Leon is the son of percussionist Tato Melgar’s who joined the band on stage the whole night. In true band form, he started the night off in a sports coat and by the end of the night he was a sweaty tee shirt. He knew all the words and sang and danced while “playing” his guitar. In my estimate he was probably 9-10 years old.

It was great to see Lukas play at such an intimate venue like Antone’s. He hit all of the crowd favorites with 2 encores and surprised us at the end with the Paul Simon cover, “Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes”. We migrated to the back of the house where we had a lot of dancing room, so we could boogie.

Start to Go
Perennial Bloom
Four Letter Word
Throwing Away Your Love
Fool Me Once
More Than We Can Handle
Just Outside of Austin
Leave Em Behind
Few Stars Apart
Little Girl
(Forget About) Georgia
Die Alone
Bad Case
Find Yourself
Set me down on a Cloud
Night Life (Willie Nelson Cover)
Entirely Different Stars
The Awakening
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Something Real

The show was great & a packed and sweaty house was fun, but my burning question: Did they sell out of Cliffy Dogs?

Check out more great artist for the remainder of the 46th Anniversary Celebration.


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