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Austin TX – Zilker Park.  ACL festival, day 2, now it’s a party.

So, the entourage moves into day 2.  I caught myself telling friends that did not make the Friday day 1 shows, “Oh man, you missed out yesterday”, it was awesome.  Yeah, I was that guy.  Anyway, the second day of ACL was another great day, a blast.

The music was the reason we came and fortunately, we were not disappointed.  With a name like the “Black Lips”, they automatically qualified for the “must see list”.  Good call. I dig bands from Atlanta typically anyway, and this one was no different.  Their self described sound of “flower punk” rings true.  Nice phrase by the way.  Flower Punk.  The song “Best Napkin I Ever Had” brings it loud and fun.  Kind of a wailing starving artist sound with passionate lyrics.  Good song and artist to play at your next party.  Also caught Ozomatli, Silversun Pickups, and Monsters of Folk too.  Fun shows musically speaking.  MIA really did not make that much of an impression on me.  The next two bands did though.

The music reached a new level when LCD Soundsystem and Muse  hit the stages in the early eve and took us to their little parties.  Lights, camera, action, and it was on. It was like being in a DJ’d club that just so happened to have a clear star lit night as the ceiling and gorgeous oaks as the walls. This was a music and dance scene with plenty of synthesized rhythms, electronic drumbeats and screaming guitars.  Good times.  Aside from the $55 per beer thing going on, this was a really good gig.  I digress, but you know what I mean.  Onward to day 3.

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