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Austin TX – Zilker Park.  ACL Festival  Day 3.  Wow!

It’s day 3 at the ACL festival and the 5th Beatle is still hanging around, the weather is awesome….again.

Since my friends and I have logged in what I estimate to be about  1 million miles of walking around Zilker Park, the main goal of day 3 was to catch the Eagles and maybe find our way in to an after hour party.  Done and done!  The Eagles sounded great and they played some really good songs that all demographics enjoyed.  A good way to close out the festival.  Actually, we saw the Flaming Lips too.  That’s the perfect band to get you back into the party mood.  Suffice it to say, day 3 was the slowest for this cool cat crew.  No doubt though, we made it happen.

So the 2010 ACL Festival was a good run; friends, music, food and drink.  That’s what it’s all about right?!  Oh and as I write this, ACL tickets have gone on sale for 2011.  Love that!  Good times.

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