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Alejandro City Limits

When Alejandro’s new record Street Songs of Love drops in late June, expect lots of “each album keeps getting better than the last” reviews. Al and his band previewed a batch of the new material during his Austin City Limits taping last night. Opening up with Real Animal‘s “Always A Friend”, the set was flat out rocking with a few lush ballads thrown in, and Escovedo’s sound benefited from the studio’s superb acoustics. The ACL studio sound is crisp and clean and fills the room without having to crank the speaker volume past jackhammer decibel levels. The ACL stage afforded extra room to flesh out additional sounds – there was a full arsenal of grand piano, keyboards, and organs. Alejandro first appeared on Austin City Limits in 1983 in the band Rank & File.  Working the crowd with his seasoned charm, Al told a funny story about meeting a fellow songwriter in the 80’s. A jogger ran past Alejandro’s house every day and would always stop to say hello or invite him to parties. Al said he couldn’t tell if this random athletic outgoing guy was a cop or a dealer or what, so he asked around, and figured out the jogger was the great musician Stephen Bruton.  Austin must have been a fun place in the 80s. The encore was a lovely arrangement of the ballad “After the Meteor Showers” and a second take of new southern boogie song “Tula”.  So much good material. It must be a tough job deciding how to edit the full show down to TV episode length.

Austin City Limits Season 36 airs in Fall 2010. To stay up to date with all things ACL, visit their blog: http://www.austincitylimits.org/blog

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