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One Less Bush in the World

Jenna Bush ditched her presidential last name and got married to Henry Hager over the weekend in Crawford, Texas. Hager comes from a rich GOP backing family and is a former Karl Rove aide. Sister Barbara stood up as the maid of honor. The white house released eleven staged photos of the joyous occasion; suspiciously missing are any sign of delicious margaritas. I suppose that’s a cheap shot and we should let Jenna move on from her UT reputation and Chuy’s debacle. Up next for Jenna is promoting her new book, and deciding whether or not she should shame her entire family by voting for a democrat.

Are you the Crabman?

I had my own brush with fame yesterday. I ran into Eddie Steeples who stars in My Name is Earl at a bar on 5th street. Just to be certainly clear that it was him, I inquired “Are you Crabman”? I’m sure he gets that ALL the time. I wonder which he prefers; Crabman or Rubberband Man (a shout out to his Office Max commercials). We chatted briefly about life on set with the Earl cast. I was curious to find out who was the coolest cast member to hang out with after the camera stopped rolling. I assumed he was going to go for Jason Lee, aka “Earl”, who just seems like he oozes coolness, but he said without a doubt Jaime Pressly (“Joy”) and Nadine Valazquez (“Catalina”) are cool chicks . Eddie is in town promoting his new film When is Tomorrow which was filmed in Austin and is currently in theatres. Kevin Ford and Eddie wear numerous hats in this movie, not only as leads, but also serving as writers and producers. I wouldn’t be surprised if during the end credits their names are listed as gaffers, boom operators and costume designers.

There Ain’t no Party like a D-List Party…

..Because a D-list party don’t stop. Well, this one did, sometime around midnight. This past weekend I attended the Austin Star Map launch party where D-listers mingled with us common folk. The stars were out in full force with fan favorites such as; nervous accountant guy, token straight guy, pot girl, and zombie #2. In all honesty everyone was extremely friendly and had lots to say on their previous work, and their upcoming projects. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk to that many people because quite frankly the (free) Leblon cocktails weren’t going to drink themselves. I got a chance to sit down with D-listers Joe Azzato, Dean Reading, Jeff Runnels, Michael Barnes, Ruby Rocket and Christopher Mendoza (who had his own personal assistant filming him at the party. That should move him up to at least the C-list). To check out a gallery of pictures taken throughout the night head on over to Austin Star Map.

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