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When I read that this movie was actually made, and was playing SXSW, I got totally geezed. I was a late comer to the Bill Hicks phenomenon, only discovering him years after his passing. From what I’ve gleaned thus far, this guy was way more than just a comedian, but as a comedian, he was probably the most important of our times, say, since Lenny Bruce who had his own particular cross to bear.
As it turns out, apparently becoming accepted in h US was a prime directive for Bill, something that never quite happened despite herculean efforts to the contrary, but he was grandly accepted by those in who were privy to a UK tour, so it wasn’t surprising that this movie was made by two Brits.
I wondered if the still clip animation device would hold water, or whether it would grow old quickly. Happy to say this mode of storytelling worked great for this movie, using many interviews, sound bytes, and some archival footage, too.
As they say in the UK, this move is BRILL!!!!!!!!
This is a great movie about a great man who ultimately wanted to help change the world into a better place via his comedy, and now here we are, some 16 years after his passing and this amazing tribute lends creedence to just that, Bill’s words even more important and relevant today, and ain’t that the way!!
You get a chance? GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
On a personal note, I cried more during this movie than any I’ve seen in my entire lifetime, and I been here a coupla years…

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