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20140116-161252.jpgWe arrived at the Continental Club a little too late for Toni Price but early enough to watch Hard Proof get all their stuff on stage. They began to play and instantly the room filled with dancers. This night was a celebration of Stephen Bidwell’s birthday. Stephen is the unstoppable drummer behind Hard Proof. All three of the horns were on fire, and everyone else that makes up this nine piece band were playing at top form on this night.IMG_8193

Next up was Munny Chicha. The funny thing about this band is that everyone seems to spell the band’s name differently, including the guy who puts up the marquee for the night and all my Facebook friends (I don’t even know if I’ve spelled it right.) 20140116-170700.jpgAll that aside, this band is made up of many of the same members as Grupo Fantasma and also Brownout. Munny Chicha is a different flavor than the previous two. There are no horns here, but what you get with these guys is that spicy groove. It’s apparent to me that the members on stage are doing what they do because they love creating music, and I respect them for that. Grupo Fantasma and even Brownout have become such solid names in the music scene that they are unable to play pick up gigs on week nights. It was beautiful for me to see these guys out there doing what they do under a different name that allows just that.20140116-170953.jpg Now this band is soon to become as big as Brownout because they had everyone in the room shaking their hips and captivated by the beat, even at midnight on a Tuesday. This night also marked another birthday for Munny Chicha bassist Greg Gonzales, who showed off his fancy new boots on stage.

I love Austin, Texas and The Continental Club because only here can you see such a bill that inspires such soulful movement on a Tuesday night.


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