1230 3
1230 3

WOW AND IT IS ONLY NIGHT 3 OF THIS FANTASTIC FEST. This movie was amazing and it is nowhere near done yet.

Morning after….. Man what a cool experience last evening. I learned some things that always troubled me. I never quite got how the Mayan people were taken over so easily. The Mayans ruled a fear based society. They had this internal trouble going on and that is why Cortez was able to move in and enslave them.
Mel told us last night that he was focusing on this internal breaking apart of the Mayans even before the outsiders came onto the scene.
The cinematography was really beautiful. The story was interesting and had this vaccum effect, that just sucked you in. This is and will be a best picture contender….


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  1. chappy

    so mel was there eh? this article says he also showed up at 2 screenings in Oklahoma.. was he wearing a mask and a wig?

  2. chappy

    heres some other rundowns of the screening:


  3. Russ

    I just uploaded a picture of Mel, his star and Harry Knowles at the Alamo on Saturday night…………….

    Photo by Tim