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Sure it was just a film, but it tasted so real. This documetary, I mean mockumentary, was about the assasination of Bush. It was well done. They used real footage of protests and speeches. It was very convincing and had alot to say about the American people’s craving for answers that won’t be questioned.

Scary social comentary wrapped up in a skillfully crafted and well scripted mockumentary. They must have spent months in the editing room. Easily, the best film I have seen at this festival, so far.

Tonight we slid into Bobcat Goldthwait’s new comedy, “Sleeping Dogs Lie.” This was a good flick, folks. Kinda like “Chasing Amy” on crack. It was about one of the skeletons in the closet that doesn’t need to be let out. That big dark secret is better left in the closet. Trust me.

We had a nice talk with Bobcat after the screening. I forgot about “Shakes The Clown.” I have seen that a few times. So, this was his 2nd turn in the Directors chair. It will be talked about, for sure. One of my favorite scenes in the film was the car ride home after the news broke. There is a weird silence between the couple and the dog is between them. It is inescapable.
This interview will appear in the next Issue.
Austin Film Festival Announces 2006 Film Competition Winners

      AUSTIN Oct. 22, 2006 – The 13th Annual Austin Film Festival (AFF) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2006 Film Competition. A selected group of judges comprised of members of the film industry ranging from screenwriters to editors viewed and scored each film accordingly and confirmed a winner for each category. The winners were announced yesterday at the Austin Club during the AFF’s Awards Luncheon also honoring Extraordinary Contribution to Film recipient Sydney Pollack (Out of Africa, Tootsie); Outstanding Screenwriter Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, A Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang); and Outstanding Television Writer David Milch (NYPD Blue, Deadwood). Each competition winner received awards, cash prizes and an additional screening time during the Festival.  All winning shorts will screen on Mon., Oct 23 at the Landmark Dobie Theater at 7:15 p.m. The competition winners with their additional screening times are as follows:

Narrative Feature Jury Award Winner
Written by Chris Mass & Mike Akel
Directed by Mike Akel
Narrative Feature Jury: Peter Hyams, Anish Savanji and Howard Carey
Additional Winners Screening Mon., Oct. 23 at 9:30pm at the Landmark Dobie Theater and Tues., Oct. 24 at 7:00pm at the Regal Arbor Theatre

Narrative Short Jury Award Winner
When Elvis Came to Visit
Written and Directed by Andreas Tibblin
Narrative Shot Jury: Steve Collins, Glynis Lynn and Frank Reynolds
Additional Screening Sunday Oct. 22, at 7:15pm at The Hideout Theatre

Narrative Student Short Jury Award Winner
The Dawn Chorus
Written and Directed by Hope Dickson Leach
Narrative Student Short Jury: Glen Reynolds, Cacky Poarch and
Daryl Friemark
Additional Screening Tues. Oct. 24, at 9:30pm at The Hideout Theatre

Animated Short Jury Award Winner
Ujbaz Izbeneki Has Lost His Soul
Written and Directed by Neil Jay
Animated Short Jury: Ali Bell, Troy Campbell, and Jay Edwards
Additional Screening tonight, Oct. 22 at 2:30pm at the Stephen F. Austin Theatre

Documentary Feature Winner
Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story
Directed by Chris Sheridan and Patty Kim
Documentary Feature Jury: Michael Barlow, Jeff Bowden, and Chris Hyams
Additional Winners Screening tonight Oct.22 at 7:20p.m.at the Landmark Dobie Theater
And Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 7:00pm at the IMAX Theatre

Honorable Mention Documentary Feature
The Third Monday in October
Directed by Vanessa Roth
Documentary Feature Jury: Michael Barlow, Jeff Bowden, and Chris Hyams
Screening Monday 23rd at 7:00pm at the Regal Arbor Theater

Documentary Short Winner
A Taste of Nate
Directed by Jim McGorman
Documentary Shore Jury: Diane Estelle Vicari, Jeff Bowden, and Chris Hyams
Screening in the Documentary Shorts Program on Sunday 22nd at 3:00pm at the LandmarkDobie Theater as well as during additional screening time Monday


About Austin Film Festival                                                                           
The Austin Film Festival (AFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the art, craft and business of writers and filmmakers and recognizing their contributions to film, television and new media. The AFF champions the work of aspiring and established writers and filmmakers by providing unique cultural events and services, enhancing public awareness and participation and encouraging dynamic and long-lasting community partnerships.  www.austinfilmfestival.com
Special support is provided to the Austin Film Festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Airlines, Bombay Sapphire, Beringer Vineyards, Champion GMC, City of Austin, Eastman Kodak, IndieWire, Jabberwalkie, KVUE, James A. Michener Center for Writers, Script Magazine, Shweiki Media, Target, WGA, East and Write Brothers.







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  1. chappy

    i love\’s me some bobcat!
    I still pull out his line from police academy every time I see a moped on the road – \”nice bike (uhhnnnngrrrr)…where do you put the batteries!\”