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I subtitle this film; “Peer Pressure and People Pleasing will get you in to a whole lot of Trouble, Darling.”

Tracy Orbison is a naïve young man who writes poetry, is addicted to food, has no self-esteem and thereby allows himself to be completely manipulated by pretty much everyone he comes into contact with. My reaction was that those people were a drag, but unfortunately, that is probably how this scenario would play out in real life. We live in a world where sincerity and trust often receive harsh punishments, so we all have to be careful. Apparently Mr. Orbison missed that day of class.

His need for approval is enhanced by his weight problem, and winds up getting him falsely accused of sex crimes and fired from his job. Not a good day. Still, the movie ends with you feeling hopeful for him, the charges are dropped, and you hope he finds a meeting of Codependent’s Anonymous.

William Baldwin plays a real slime bag, and does a wonderful job of it. Insert your own joke here.

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