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Friday Rocktober 12, 2007

Austin International Film Festival

Are we blessed or are we blessed? The Austin Film Festival brings us some of the best in independent cinema every fall. I only wish I could take the whole week off and see everything that I would like to.

The first AIFF film I saw this year was The Living Wake, a dark comedy that follows the eccentric K. Roth Binew in his last 24 hours before he dies of a disease that has yet to be named. One might expect a heavy look into life and death, with some profound message attached. This is no sob story, however, it turns out to be quite charming and witty.

Binew’s character has plenty of quirks, and you follow him stealing a goat, trying to get his homemade books donated to the library, and cruising in his rickshaw, pedaled by his equally peculiar sidekick, Joquin Mills. There were several outbursts of laughter by the audience, as everything became an adventure.

Completely unpredictable and brilliant, it cracked me up, entertained me and left me remembering that all our life is indeed the stage, and each of us have our own leading role, able to write the story in unique way.

Daisy’s favorite line: “Collect all the stamps you can. If you have all the postage, no one can send you threatening letters.”

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  1. Russ

    hey daisy glad you are here. I AM LOVING THE AIFF.

  2. amy poehler as caitlin

    amy poehler as caitlin