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Austin TX – (story by Michael Balderrama)Wow, for a band that really has nothing to prove given their impressive repertoire, the Black Crowes flew into Stubbs last Saturday night, seemingly with everything to prove. Like that they still rock. From the opening chords of “Remedy”, the Crowes showed why they are the coolest cats in the room when it comes to southern, soulful, gospel tinged rock. As a fan, you believe them. Speaking of cool, lead singer Chris Robinson oozes it. Maybe it was the vintage Elvis Presley concert t-shirt he donned that night, or maybe it was the Mick Jagger like moves he put down. Probably more than anything though, it’s his voice. It commands respect and the Crowes’ rhythm section rocks when he rolls. Cool right. I think so. When the band launched into the groovy alt-country song, “Wiser Time” the connection with the audience was obvious. No doubt, the Black Crowes have that swagger and the vibe was on. For the sold out crowd that lay witness to it, everyone was shaking their money maker and that says it all.

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  1. Russ

    i love the crowes. too bad c.r. is such a dick