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Bloodfest (written/directed by Austin’s beloved Owen Egerton) as the name implies, is filled to the brim with gore, vampires, zombies, killer clowns, and yes a good amount of blood and although it tries really hard to break the bounds of the horror film tropes, falling short with just a medium story.

Dax (Robbie Kay) is a horror fanatic, who spent his childhood watching horror films with his beloved mother until witnessing her death at the hands of a mental patient seen by his father (Tate Donovan). Since this traumatic event, dad is staunchly against senseless violence and forbids Dax from attending the massive and exclusive Bloodfest horror festival where horror film lovers go to congregate and share their unyielding love for the genre. With the help of his friends, Dax and crew get into Bloodfest and quickly realize that they are the entertainment and are being hunted for sport.

Yes Cabin in the Woods got here years ago and did a much better job of melding the different sub-genres of horror and calling out the tropes historically seen in horror films, but Bloodfest does have heart even if a little misguided. Late in the third act, the main characters lament that there are two ways to end a horror film, they go with the third unknown option, which seemed like it was being written off the cuff as the actors acted out the final scenes, not fully realized or put together. The over the top shenanigans were just not my bag, but definitely a fun ride for some.

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