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  1. chappy

    i remember this night! we were listening to some rare afro-funk grooves cd in the car on the way up to Ruta… head bobbin.. ya know? one track stood out and we commented on it between us..

    lo and behold later that night , when brownout kicks out this familiar groove.. its that song! and they nailed it!

    brownout and blaze are 2 of the best bands in the world, not just austin..

  2. eboz

    if you like Brownout & Grupo – check out a project featuring Adrian from Brownout called Ocote Soul Sounds. It was started by martin Perna – same dude who founded Antibalas. Psychedelic latin grooves…awesome shit for sure


    on a side note – Antibalas ‘ forthcoming CD will be produced by Tortoise’ John McEntire…should be great…

  3. Russ

    on another note, Ocote Soul Sounds will play Beauty Bar on Thursday night I am told. Nick from Echobase will be sitting in.