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Can You Speak Your Truth?

This was the question posed to a dozen or so participating artists at the The Portrait Assignment, an exhibition currently on view at Flatbed Press.  The answer came in the form of  individual “Portraits” created to convey what each contributor considered to be their “truth”–an up close and personal look at who they are. Each statement is accompanied by a visual manifestation of that “truth”.  The Portrait Assignment was conceived by Mariska Nicholson, whose contributing piece  “Cherry”  is a raw and moving meditation on sexual satisfaction. The seeds for the project were planted in 2007, when Mariska began writing in an attempt to face her own reality . Her personal accounts, which she started sharing with her friends and family, “Were honest and unedited.” They were also inspiring. She says, ” I had people say to me that I was inspiring because I wanted to talk about things that some may perceive as uncomfortable or inappropriate.”

About eight months ago she took that inspiration a step further and decided to enlist others–some artists like Bob Schneider and some non-artists–to share their stories as well.  From there, the  project took on a life of its own and ultimately, a new purpose.  The individual contributions, taken together, demonstrate a collective human experience that Mariska hopes will teach people that “we are not so different from the next.” In addition to the exhibition, she has  launched a website where you can submit your own “Portrait”. Can you speak your truth?

The Portrait Assingment will be on view from  5.15.09 – 6.12.09: The Portrait Assignment Exhibit Located at Flatbed Press, 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr, Austin, TX 78702.

Submit your Portrait at www.portraitassignment.com. You can view all Portraits from the exhibit there as well.

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