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AUSTIN DAZE: What drew you to this project?

CASEY AFFLECK: What didn’t draw me to it? Andrew Dominik, I loved his movie Chopper, Brad doesn’t really make bad movies, the script was incredible, and the book was great. There is nothing really bad and I sort of thought there were no question marks coming into it.

AD: Were you nervous coming into it?

CA: Everyday. A little bit. It was such a challenge keeping up with everybody because they were doing such a great job.

AD: Did you feel compelled to stay away from the other films that deal with the same subject matter?

CA: Yeah. I knew this film was going to be different and I didn’t want to do anything like that.

AD: What kind of preparation did you do for this role?

CA: I read the book and rehearsed and rehearsed. I also learned to ride a horse.

AD: How did it feel to be playing someone that is a “coward” as defined in the title of the film?

CA: I didn’t ever see him as just a coward. There were definitely moments of cowardice or weakness but actually I thought he was quite dignified and a brave heroic guy a lot of times. One of the things I really loved about this project was that complexity of character.

ANDREW DOMINIK, Writer and Director

AUSTIN DAZE: What drew you to this project?

ANDREW DOMINIK: I think the book was just really beautiful.

AD: And how did it come about? Did you read it, finish it and say, “I have to see this realized?”

AD: I think it was a little slower. I find that I’m a tentative person and I don’t rush into things but yeah, it was a little like falling in love you know what I mean? I read it and thought about it and I thought it had good scenes. And then the more you think about it the further along you go with it and the more involved with it you become. Pretty soon you don’t really have a choice.

AD: What did you see visually right away?

AD: Well, I don’t know, it was very much about just trying to translate the book.

AD: How married did you feel to the book? How responsible did you feel to make sure his vision was in tact?

AD: Really married. It was just really beautiful. It gives you feelings and then you try to translate those feelings and create images when you read it. But I don’t see that coming from me so much as the material itself. It’s really strange if I went back and read the book I would not picture the movie at all.

AD: You didn’t see it in the translation?

AD: Oh no, not at all. Even if I read the script I would not picture it at all.

AD: Did you expect to?

AD: No, I didn’t. It’s a completely different animal and it’s got a life of its own and you try and step out of its way.

AD: It is one of the longest titles that we have ever seen. Do you know of a longer one?

AD: Dr Strangelove is pretty long.

AD: We thought of that. But does it count?

AD: I think it counts. I can’t think of one but maybe if we researched it…

AD: We did.

AD: You did! And you couldn’t find a longer one?

AD: Nope.

AD: Well there you go.

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