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Matthew Sightings

Matthew has been loving up Austin recently. Being a season ticket holder he attended the opening home game of the Longhorns football team with his wife and baby Levi in tow. All three were rocking the burnt orange. He then got his fitness on by participating in the Nike+ Human race with his pal Lance and a sea of randoms outfitted in red. Austin was also lucky enough to host the premiere of his new movie Surfer Dude. The green carpet was rolled out at the Paramount where Matthew donned his best pair of jeans. Also attending the premiere was co-star, friend, and fellow Austin lover, Woody Harrelson.

Beijing Action

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge all of the athletes who wore the burnt orange while participating in the Olympic Games in Beijing. Let us also take a moment to acknowledge the amazing bodies of the men….and the women….but ESPECIALLY the men. Who knew swimmers were so ripped? The Austin, Texas contingency raked in 14 medals with Longhorn Aaron Peirsol leading the way with three medals in the pool.

Friday Night Lights.

It seems that the Friday Night Lights crew is back in action based on spottings reported on the Austin Star Map website. I debuted as an up and coming Hollywood actress and joined in the frenzy to participate as an extra in the filming last weekend in the role of “Football Spectator #427”. I spent a stimulating evening sitting in the stands and fake cheering on command. Sadly, I wasn’t able to stalk any of the real stars of FNL since they were just shooting filler scenes. I was really hoping to catch Minka Kelly for an autograph, but to no avail she was not at the taping. Perhaps she was showing Derek Jeter some of the sights of Austin.

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