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Christine asks Chris Simmons for his opinion on the “state of the blues,” and what it’s like to play and compose with Leon Russell. For more info on Chris’s new CD “Old News To Me”, including the song “Hallelujah Man” he co-wrote with Leon, please go to www.getchrissimmons.com.

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  1. Carol Buck

    Saw Chris Simmons w/Leon Russell in Portland, OR 7/28–great talent. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!!

  2. Tammy Cappelli

    Saw Chris Simmons w/Leon Russell as well at Gruene Hall in Gruene,Texas and what an amazing guitarist!! He actually made the whole concert worth going to. Leon was good, but I wished he would have slowed down his songs and played them like he made them….

  3. EZ in CT

    Saw Chris last night, wow! Not only a great guitarist, this guy can sing too! Where has this guy been?

  4. Anna H

    I all way go to the Coash House want Leon Russell come here and I did met Chris and injoy the show in July 2010 Hope you all back before the year is done

  5. Cathy

    Bought your CD after your performance last year in Redondo Beach, CA with Leon. Loved your style; don’t change too much
    And don’t sell your publishing

  6. Michelle Ehlers

    Saw and heard Chris play with Leon Russell in Melbourne Australia last night. Wow! Superb, loved it and hope to hear lots more. Really exciting stuff!

  7. pauline olsson

    Saw you in Glasgow tonight…amazing .

  8. Patricia

    I still love the blues! And I saw you play in Philadelphia with Leon and your solo melted my heart! And that is the state of the blues~

  9. Marq Kelly

    Chris, great, great musician, and singer. Saw u play in jersey, maryland, boston and nashville wit leon, he was great too, following the greatest, song writer on the planet and thee most sexiest man alive, Bob Dylan, greatest love in the world, alive…..

  10. Yolanda Garza

    Chris was smoking in Las Vegas last weekend! What a show!

  11. Sharon Sept

    Saw Chris in Medicine Hat, Canada last night with Leon, what a great show. Looking forward to hearing more from Chris in the future.

  12. Mike Myers

    Nice interview. Chris is very talented, and a helleva nice guy. I wish him luck, although, if you are writing and playing with (my Hero) Leon – what more would you want?!

  13. DeLaura Dykes Press

    Hey Chris, we had the privilege to enjoy Leon Russell once again on Sunday night at the Granada Thetere in Dallas. When you did your solo performance with Leon on piano my jaw dropped. You are really good. I wish you much success with Leon. I have loved Leon since high school. Would love to purchass your CD

    Long story short – I thought it was great that you threw out trinkets, sure wish I had been up front instead of six rows back. I had a perfect view of Leon which was FANTASTIC. The couple we attended the show with purchased these seats and we had a PERFECT seat to see Leon. Leon was singing to all of us but it was like just to me since he was straight across from me.

    Leon’s wife was correct, fans do love to hear about the songs he has written.
    I would like a black Leon tee shirt. If I understood Leon correctly you are his promotion guy. Let me know how much please sir.

    Wishing all of you much success! (Listen to Leon because when he speaks it is WISDOM talking to you).

    Have a blessed day!!!!!!!