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Citizen Cope - photo by Sandra Dahdah

Austin TX – story by Michael Balderrama
Whether on a date, hanging out with friends, or flying solo, the hottest ticket in town might just have been the Citizen Cope concert at Stubbs last Friday night. Seriously? For sure. New fans and old alike, CC did not disappoint. The music, complete with R&B storytelling and fans singing lyrics word for word was, as always, well played. The ambiance was the real buzz of the show. Yeah – felt a little like fall. Combine that with some good music, cold Lone Star tall boys and you have a recipe for success. It’s not like CC has not played Austin before. He has. Just that this time the mood, music, and the surroundings all came together like – well, like a very cool Citizen Cope song. Would I recommend and four star it? For sure.

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  1. CopeHeads

    sounds like you’re a copehead, too! there’s something about austin and cope – it’s a formula for success