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Big_Brother.JPGI am admittedly a Star Wars fan having seen all of the movies and collected the action figures as a kid. I arrived with much anticipation at the Galaxy Theater a little late. Most people had already found their seat. I wandered in and found a great seat right away. Settling back I was ready for the new Star Wars episodic adventure. I decided to text my editor and let him know I had made it to the film. Just then I hand on my shoulder and a voice from behind me said “You are going to have to leave the theater! No Cell phones.” A little shocked I said that I apologized and I would turn it off. It wasn’t enough. Just as the lights went down for the movie he made me get out of my seat, climbing over knees and toes and leave the theater. A little miffed I took the phone to the car and left it and returned to the movie. Security was waiting for me. Flashing the stamp I had received from my previous entry I was waved into the dark theater.

I found a seat on the row right by the entrance, the only one I could see available that would not entail climbing over throngs of people. Sitting down with a sigh of relief my eyes adjusted to the dark and I took a look around. Security was standing right next to me. He spent the entire movie there, scanning the audience for the slightest infraction, seemingly ready to pounce and haul the slightest offender out by the collar. This is a free preview screening of a movie, right?!

Feeling somewhat like a criminal I tried to keep my focus on the film.

Clone_Wars.JPGThe Clone Wars did not disappoint. The animation style of supervising director Dave Filoni is paramount. The hand of executive producer George Lucas can be felt in the dialogue and editing. The movie was done entirely in the CG(Computer Graphics) animation format. It took a little getting used to the stylized renditions of the popular characters of the previous movies. The classic Star Wars action was front and center from the very beginning. Obi Wan Kinobi and Anakin Skywalker are fighting in an intense battle to defend a planet. During the battle Anakin becomes a reluctant instructor to the young jedi apprentice Ashoka Tano. The story unfolds as deception and subterfuge by the Separatists Army, led by Count Dooku, attempt to undermine the efforts of the heroes to restore order and peace. Some animation sequences were reminiscent of Tim Burton. In particular the character of Asajj Ventress. The dialogue and story line follow the same model as the previous entries in the saga, but the movie was engaging and entertaining despite Big Brother standing over my shoulder. Great for the entire family, although the violence may be too much for the younglings.

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