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Eric Hisaw – Nature of the Blues: Mr. Hisaw continues to put out gritty records that epitomize Austin music. 9 shots.

Chad Tracy – Honeymoon Classics: Prolific Chad Tracy puts out another fine album that covers a lot of ground. From smooth and soulful to country swing. 9 shots

Full Service – The Dig: Some good ol’ in your face rock with loud guitars. They mix some reggae feel in too. Much coolness. 8 shots.

The Grownup Noise – Self-Titled: Imagine James Taylor playing with Elvis Costello’s band. Pretty swell, huh? Mellow, poppy sound. 8.5 shots.

Bob Simpson – Self-Titled: Great vocals plus sweet songs equals one very fine album from this West Texas artist. 9 shots.

Christine Albert – Paris, Texafrance: Beautifully crafted mix of French and Texas music. You have to hear it to believe it. The lyrics in francais make it sex-ay. 8.5 shots.

Kellye Gray Three – KG3 Live at the Bugle Boy: Some jazz singers sing. Others pour out the lyrics as naturally as breathing. Ms. Gray is definitely a natural. This is the best jazz vocal album I’ve heard all year. Easy. 9.5 shots.

Shelia Harrison – Self-Titled: This pop country 19 year old has the vocal power of a seasoned veteran. Look out if the right people hear her. 8.5 shots.

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