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[fa:p:id=2113015537,j=r,s=s,l=p]AUSTIN DAZE: Have you guys been doing the festival circuit?

DIABLO CODY: We’ve definitely been doing the festival circuit. We went to Telluride, and then we had our official premiere at Toronto, and now we are here.

AD: How has it been?

DC: The experience has been just amazing. Just watching the process of the film being made was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced but then to watch it be screened in front of people and the warm response we’ve been getting is beyond what both of us could have hoped for.

AD: Watching you during the talk back I get the sense your humor and wit are just as alive on stage as they are in the script.

DC: I don’t know how to explain it but for any person it’s nice to receive the reassurance. I become more and more comfortable in front of crowds as we’ve been pimping the movie. I enjoy doing it. I have an impulse to entertain which I’ve had since I was a child that many people would consider an asshole impulse.

AD: You were a blogger before this which seems to be more of a “safe behind the screen” medium as opposed to something like this film which is so exposed, especially considering the content matter. That’s a big jump.

DC: I might be, and I’m certainly not boasting about this because it is a dubious achievement, but I might be the first blogger to have a produced film. I think there might be more writers coming from the blogosphere though because there is a lot of talent out there in the margins writing cool stuff and not necessarily getting noticed. So now they have a public forum.

AD: Do you still have your blog?

DC: I do. Diablocody.blogspot.com

AD: How was making the transition from everyday blogger to screenplay writer?

DC: I wrote the screenplay in a couple of months-I didn’t know any better. I had no idea that other people nursed screenplays for two years or three years or five years. I thought to myself, “How long is this, 90 minutes? It shouldn’t take more than a couple of months to write a full length movie.” My ignorance fueled me. Now I take my time.

AD: And when they approached you, had that ever occurred to you before?

DC: Never. I like to tell stories and I would go and see movies and think, I wonder if I could write one of those? But never to the point that I would get home and fire up the laptop and give it a try. It was just one of those hypothetical ideas. Also, being one of those people raised by a very pragmatic family in the mid-west I didn’t think it was possible to write a movie and then get a great director and then see it get made. It just seemed out there. The fact that it happened is pretty miraculous.

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