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I’m going to keep most of this one to myself. That is to say the convoluted plot should remain a surprise as it is half the fun (the other being an even split between the action sequences and just seeing what’s-his-name back on the big screen with hat and whip). This a cultural phenomenon you won’t be able to avoid, kind of like the iphone (and when the updated version hits stores). To do so is to risk finding yourself staring at your shoes for extended durations as the masses weigh in around the water cooler/BBQ/dinner table/fill in the blank as to whether or not he still has it and where it ranks among the others. If you are not persuaded by the cattle call of society I commend you but still think you should see it on the big screen.

Mr. Jones asks, “What am I being accused of?” Being one brave mofo for getting back out there after all these years.  And still doing his own stunts. Just about every interviewer on the promotion circuit has asked him about this. His answer? “I do them so they can see my face. So you don’t lose the impact.” Impressive, “gramps”, as he is referred to by Shia LeBeouf as new comer Mutt Williams. He goes on to ask him, seemingly for the audience’s benefit, “How old are you? 80?”  Well, we are all thinking the same thing. No matter, Harrison Ford still has it. And needs it to fight off the Russians, protect his old flame, newly discovered son, and free his pal Oxley. Bringing back the Red Scare couldn’t have been a better choice, if not the most obvious, for the current state of the nation. Terrorists/communists…iceberg/Goldberg…let’s call the whole thing the only appropriate movie theme for action heroes until a change in administration.

Dean Stanforth tells Jones, “We have reached the age when life stops giving us things and starts taking them away.” Mr. Stanforth, in this case I have to disagree. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has given us back our youth, nostalgia, all around giddiness, a feeling almost impossible to articulate except to know when that first theme song chord hits my heart soars.

Special note: this summer is full of superhero movies and a great site to check them out on is:


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    Dr. Jones is in the house this summer.

  2. Dolores

    Thank you very much Bree!
    Just came in to read what you thought about the mans man and found this!
    how great is that!