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I woke up this afternoon feeling a like a high schooler that was out too late the night before and snuck in early in the morning. I guess part of that could be because my mom has been staying with me for the past 2 weeks, but I think that it was mostly because I actually did leave the house yesterday at 11:30pm to go cover the Fantastic Feud and the karaoke party after.

I started out the day yesterday doing some editing so that I could finally get posted some of the video that we have been gathering. I will have a least three videos up today. Then I went to the premiere of Zombie Girl: The Movie. There was a bit of a personal responsibility that I go. This is a documentary made by home-grown talent about home-grown talent! From a very early age, Emily Hagins was interested in movies. At 10, yes 10!, she wrote a script for a zombie movie. At 12, she made the movie, Pathogen. She didn’t do this alone; she had the help and support that many people dream of: her parents were incredibly supportive and she gained the interest of heavy hitters like Peter Jackson, Harry Knowles and Tim League. Her story also caught the interest of documentarians Justin Johnson and Erik Mauck. They teamed up with Aaron Marshall to record Emily’s groundbreaking experience. What I really liked about the doc was that it didn’t seem to have any sort of agenda that they were trying to push. It was a very objective glimpse into the road that she had to take, from having to learn the basics of the business almost while shooting to the troubles that all filmmakers can identify with. It was a very inspiring story told very simply and honestly. I will have some video of the Q&A and an interview with the filmmakers up soon.

Later, after the editing, I attended the event of the festival that I have been waiting for: Fantastic Feud and Karaoke Party! And all I can say is that the Feud was pretty fun maybe it was because Scott was making up rules as he went along or maybe it was just fun to watch horror/sci-fi film heavyweights flex their muscles. After several rounds of uber-geeky questions, the Americans had a dominating lead on the International team. Drinks were flowing, emotions were running high so, of course, people starting restless. They were ready to party! There was no way for the International team to win anyway, so after the crowd and also some of the players threatened to riot, the karaoke began.

Let me just tell you, it was CRAZY! Heart-felt renditions of Total Eclipse of the Heart, scorching versions of Back In Black, and more. Before the singing even started, it was obvious that Tim League was on the path to drunken ruin, many were. I got some great footage of both the game show and the singing. I will get that posted soon.

Today, considering the late night/early morning and getting everything together for the blog, I will be getting to the festival around 6:45pm. Santos is playing again and I really want to see the end of it. After that I hope to see Repo! The Genetic Opera at 11:15pm. I will be getting some interviews too, I suspect!

More to come!

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