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Well, yesterday was fraught with all kinds of technical difficulties for me, so I was unable to post anything, including video. Today is looking up (I’m actually online!!), so I will be doing all I can to get some video up. I know that some of you are looking for the Air Sex video…I know you….

Day 2:

It was good to see the festival starting to gain full strength yesterday. Folks finally able to get out for the weekend to kick back and really submerge themselves in some good, old fashioned fantasy, surrealism, gore, violence.

Earlier in the day, many people had some specific films they were looking forward to seeing: The Substitute, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Surveillance and The Wreck. And from the follow-up that I got from those folks, they were all they could have ever wanted and more. Didn’t get a chance to see them, but luckily I will have a second chance during the second half of the festival.

Which reminds me, just in case you don’t know, you can still get tickets and passes for the second half of the festival. Almost every film that plays during the first half will have a second round of screenings next week. I will be taking in all of the information that I can and seeing what I can knowing that, in this case, there really ARE second chances!

Bree had a chance to sit down with two of the stars of Surveillance, Bill Pullman and Kent Harper, who also co-wrote with Jennifer Lynch. I will have some of the intro for the movie posted as soon as possible. Bree’s interview will be in the next issue of Austin Daze.

I got to see only 3 films: Eagle Eye, Rule of Three and Feast 2. Now I have to start off saying that I am not really “reviewing” films this festival, but I will share some feelings and impressions with you in case you may be curious and also I kinda have to tell you, we’re friends, right?

Eagle Eye: That movie was coupled with a scavenger hunt that sounded like fun. I will be getting some information about that experience from some of the team members later today. Eagle Eye was pretty much everything that you would expect from a blockbuster action flick. There were a couple of surprises which were pretty pleasant, but on the whole, if you have seen the trailer and it looks like your kind of popcorn movie, you will not be disappointed. There was an intro and a Q & A with the director, the writer, and the score composer (who also did the music for movies like War and genre favorite Six-String Samurai). Even more footage that I am trying to deliver to you as soon as I can.

Rule of Three: Now before I get into this, I have to tell you that I went into the movie late. I missed about 10 minutes of the beginning. Once I was seated and settled, I noticed that over time I was getting decidedly UNsettled! The three intertwining stories were at once disturbing and engaging. I can’t really say that I enjoyed the film, but it was very well crafted and the commitment of the actors to the story and character was quite notable. Just for some insight into what I mean, I did not enjoy Requiem for a Dream either, but I recognize that it was a very, very well done film.

And then there was Feast 2. I was really looking forward to that one since I heard that it was being made. I used to be a fan of Project Greenlight (judge me as you will) and as also a horror fan, the final season was of particular interest. I got to see Feast at the first Fantastic Fest and yes, it was rough, but yes I really enjoyed the ride. I like that sort of people trapped in one place, during an extreme situation where true personalities are revealed. So I heard that Feast 2 was on the way and I was ready! Unfortunately, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. It is along the lines of lower-level B or C horror.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a horror snob, a couple of my favs are Evil Dead and Dead Alive, so budget is not really my issue and ultra-high production value isn’t my issue. I think I just need to have at least the tiniest bit of a thread of a story that follows throughout the film. Sometimes that is alot to ask, and this was one of those times. On the upside, there were many surprises. Just when you think that you have seen the grossest or most offensive thing that they could serve up, they find something in the back of the pantry and throw that at you. I have to say, I saw things that, I have to say, I probably would have been alright not seeing. With all that said, there are folks out there who will be completely stoked by this, and I hope that you are hungry!

What will I be covering today? I am hoping to see a few films: Donkey Punch, Santos, Seventh Moon and a collection of shorts by Nacho Vigalondo which I have to leave now to make today. Also I am hoping to get some footage of the boat party tonight. Oh and we are filming an interview with Amy Smart.

I’ll be checking in later!

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  1. B. Brown

    I saw Rule of Three online (am unable to make it to Austin for the festival) and would like to know more about lead actress/writer, Rhoda Jordan. I wonder what inspired her to create such an…unsettling character/plot line. It seems like a vast departure from her previous work, and the film itself is so different from most of the things I’ve recently seen. Are you going to do an interview with her?

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