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So I was having too much fun to check in again yesterday. And I have to say that I am not sorry at all! Because of alot of factors, some of which I will get into and some which I won’t, I just haven’t really been “feelin’ the fest” this year. I guess my expectations were kind of high. I had such great times the past 3 years. This is the one festival that I look forward to each year, even though I usually go to several. This is the one that I have always felt was almost just for me. And I have always felt that personal touch that is almost seems built-in to Alamo Drafthouse. As the festival approached, I was really, really..uh…really looking forward to it. Then several things began to happen to harsh my vibe: Hurricane Ike, a lack of information, a lack of planning, a lack of communication and lack of time. So going into this year, my general mood has been less than excited. Then there were several changes in the way that the festival is being run this year. That took some time to get used to. Talking to some of the usual suspects revealed that I was not the only one a little concerned. So the days have gone on, and my festival experience has been very different than past years.

And just when I thought that I was going to have to settle for a overall festival experience that I was going to feel less than overjoyed about came DAY 3!

I had hopes of seeing several films, and I will see the ones that I missed (Donkey Punch and Seventh Moon) during the second half most likely. I began my festival day with Nacho Vigalondo Shorts. I felt like we had time travelled back to some of the best times last year. Nacho won last year’s grand prize for his film TIMECRIMES, which was pretty freaking awesome, and I think that the true winner was Nacho’s passion for life, parties and film, even if they are supposed to be dark. Before and during the shorts, Nacho would give a short commentary or tease of what we were going to be seeing. I could have just listened to him talk the whole time really, but the shorts were so excellent that they just added to the experience. He inspired me and reminded everyone how as long as you have clever ideas and friends that share your vision and passion, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it can be successful. Thank you Nacho, thank you! As an added bonus, he is supposed to be doing a crazy stunt tonight in the alley behind the theatre before the Karaoke Party that should not be missed. His performance last year at the party itself is legendary. I am sure that he will not disappoint tonight.

Next up was the screening of Santos. I was looking forward to this one because the director, Nicolas Lopez, was a guest judge for the Air Sex Championships and he was absolutely hilarious, so I was curious about his sci-fi romantic-comedy superhero movie. It was a wild ride for sure! It was just the perfect blend of taking care of business while letting it all seem like so much fun that it is infectious. So go see it..and then when you do, just in case, don’t tell me how it ends… Tragically, I had to leave right at the apex of the epic ending battle to save the earth and save the hero’s lady love to do an interview. So I don’t know how it ends. If you saw it, be a pal and just avoid me all together today, cause I’ll ask and I’ll have to trust you not to tell me! If it is as exciting as it was building up to be, you’ll be dying to tell me and you may let it slip.

Speaking of interviews, Bree interviewed Eduardo Sanchez, director of Seventh Moon, and I interviewed Tim Chiou and Amy Smart, stars of the movie. I am working VERY HARD during the time that I am not at the fest to catch up on all of the video stuff and I am woefully behind. I am doing what I can, but then I have to return to cover the festival. If anyone wants to volunteer to be my editor of the next few days and definitely for next year, please let me know!!!

After those interviews, we hit the Donkey Punch Boat Party. The scene was filled with the hipsters and scenesters of Austin. Skinny boys in girl jeans as far as the eye could see! The DJ was pumping out the jams (is that still hip to say) so that everyone could dance the night away on Lady Bird Lake. The open bar didn’t hurt either! We were able to catch on camera several fest goers and filmmakers and the party host himself, Henri Mazza.

After we docked, we briefly hit the Seventh Moon after party, where we found Amy, Tim and Eduardo still hanging around, basking in the glory of all of the excited, yet respectful, fans.

So what is on the agenda for today?

I will be covering Zombie Girl: The Movie and hopefully getting interviews with Justin Johnson, Erik Mauck, and Emily Hagins at the very least. This production is home grown, so there should be a ton of people there that were either in Emily’s film Pathogen, in this doc, on the crew of either or friends and family.

Next up will probably be Michael Jackson Thrill The World at the Ritz at 7pm. This is one of many video party/training sessions that has been happening in order to culminate in what is hoped to be the most people around the world doing the Thriller dance at one time on October 25th. Sounds good to me. The Thriller period was when I loved MJ the most and I knew every step of this dance. I am glad that I am old enough that it will be okay for me to have the Jesus juice.

Then I will end my evening with Fantastic Feud and the Karaoke party afterward. There were probably more stories that came out of this event last year than I have heard in fest history. This time, I hope to actually be a part of one of them. Don’t wait up….

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