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Just coming in from the Air Sex Championships and saying my good-byes to the Opening Night of Fantastic Fest. Don’t get my wrong, the fest rages on without me with the much anticipated screening of Fanboys and the late night after party which I am sure will rock! But alas, I have footage to capture and blogs to write.

The championships were hilarious! I have definitely never seen anything quite like that before. This is one of the reasons why I love this festival. There are always surprises that are so mind blowing that you could not have conceived that you would see, let alone enjoy so much.

I did learn something about blogging though, especially when saying that something “will” happen. There are always rumors flying around a festival of attending special guests, titles of secret screenings and content coming from “insiders.” I blogged something like that earlier: The attendance of the Air Sex Championships by both Kevin Smith and Bill Pullman as judges. Neither of them attended the event, that I know of and neither of them were judges. So, my new rule is that if I hear about something that isn’t previously documented or came directly from the mouths of those that are the subjects, if I post it, I will state CLEARLY that they are RUMORS and then follow it up with reports of actual events. Rookie mistake and I apologise.

Now! The highlights of the Air Sex Championships were definitely the performaces of some of the finalists:

Sad Larry, who wowed us with a pathetic, yet apparently familiar scene of self-stimulation while crying with a picture of an ex to the soundtrack of Nothing Compares to You.

Cha-Cha, playing the part of Sarah Palin, with the help of the characters John McCain, a Secret Service man, someone in an S&M dog (?) suit and someone in a moose suit, doing a sexed up imagining of rising to the presidency.

I’ll be posting some images of the good, the not so good and the just plain disturbing on this site hopefully tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also start diving into some of the differences between this and last year’s fest. Some of the changes are great so far, but some are a little disheartening.

See you at Day 2!

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    Hey Russ, You missed Feast 2. I now have images of naked running midgets with wrestling masks burned into my retinas.