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Fight Like Apes is a band from Dublin that you need to acquaint yourself with and fast!  Austin Daze chatted with lead singer MayKay before they have the chance to rock your socks off at this year’s SXSW.

AUSTIN DAZE:  This is your second time playing at SXSW.  Anything you want to do this year that you missed out on last year?

FLA:  We’re actually only here for 3 days this year which isn’t nearly enough to do as much as we’d like to. I think we should definitely get to see more bands this year. We were very laid back about it all last year & missed loads of great bands but there are loads of bands like Devo & Passion Pit that are playing this time round that we’d be gutted to miss. I also need to eat loads more meat this time. There wasn’t nearly enough meat eaten last time.

AD:  I have to say I love the names of your EP’s/singles.  For example “David Carradine is a Bounty Hunter Who’s Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch”.  Can you tell us the story behind this?

FLA:  We liked the idea of really pissing off radio DJ’s/TV presenters/interviewers who had to write/read the full name every time they spoke about it but that backfired when our first EP became know as “How to Kill” and the second is just “David”. The names themselves have no real individual significance I’m afraid. We’re shallow & simple.

AD:  I read that Pockets got his nickname because of his habit of pocketing lighters.  Is that true?

FLA:  It’s very true. He never means to actually steal them.  It’s a subconscious thing that can become very embarrassing when it happens around the wrong kind of people.

AD:  The video for “Tie Me Up With Jackets” is pretty kick ass!  Did you all come up with the concept together?

FLA:  I’d love to take credit for it but credit is due to a wonderful man named Eoghan Kidney from Dublin. We all really wanted to have an animated video at some point.  Rilo Kiley’s video for “It’s A Hit” made us all very jealous, so when he sent us the treatment for this one it sounded totally perfect. To us it sounded impossible but it seems we were wrong. The filming only took a day but the poor guy doing the drawings had to do about 1200 pictures to make it the way it is. Pretty glad he did though.

AD:  Can we expect a US tour anytime soon?

FLA:  To be honest I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, not to mention when we’re coming back. Although I would love to come back soon for a tour which I’m sure is in the cards. I’ll let u know!

AD:  When can we get the new album here in the States?

FLA:  That’s another one that I should definitely know but don’t, unfortunately. We’re just focusing on the EP and SXSW and I suppose then we can take a better look at an appropriate time for the album. We’re apparently not the shit at updating our MySpace so if anyone’s interested go on there for updates on tours & releases.

Fight Like Apes will be playing at The Rio (301 San Jacinto Blvd.) on March 19th at 1:00am.   Check out their MySpace page for more shows and information: http://www.myspace.com/fightlikeapesmusic

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