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Hello Darlings….
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 is off to an absolutely fantastic, funtastic start.
With seemingly more people than ever this year, this growing festival is still a great experience, still with plenty of room and without people fighting for their turf up front.

After catching early shows from Sugar and Gold and the mega-funky Foot Patrol (music for those with a foot fetish), I caught Shonen Knife’s set. This all female trio from Osaka, Japan showed us what women can do with guitars and choreographed stage moves. They wowed an exuberant crowd with their poppy songs and eye-popping fluorescent dresses.

I next heard Vega, a disco rock dance that put on an exciting performance with their combination of synthesizer, bass and drums. Keep your ears out for this outfit in the future.

Then came the highlight of the day for many, including me – The Sword. Playing with purpose and enthusiasm, they blew away the audience with their combination of killer tone and incredible riffs. It got me to thinking that great riffs are one of the things that are sadly lacking from rock n roll today. Thanks to The Sword for bringing them back!

Athens, Georgia’s Dead Confederate rocked me with their reverb and delay drenched sounds. Their dynamic music was both atmospheric and driving, and the members were completely absorbed in their performance, drawing you in along with them.

The much anticipated group Death started their set as night began fall, and were mightily impressive. They were nearly unheard of before their recently discovered 1974 demo was found in an attic and released by Drag City records. Proving themselves way, way, way ahead of their time, this Detroit trio played garage rock that would have sounded progressive even if it had been written ten years later.

Day 2 of Fun Fun Fun Fest promises to deliver many more thrills. Be sure to stop by Waterloo Park and catch it if you can. My picks for the day include Street Dogs, Lucero and Mission of Burma. Look out for me at those stages Darlings, and keep an eye on the Daze website for photos, interviews and more reviews.

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