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Friday night found me ready to kick me heels up and release myself from a week of workin’ for a livin’. I first popped into Antone’s to check out my long time fave Junior Brown. It seemed even more crowded than usual, and perhaps that what inspired a great show. Mr. Brown seemed to be having more fun than I had seen him have onstage in quite a while, and the rhythm section of bassist Jason Rathman and drummer Justin Amaral kept things movin’ and a shakin’ which is just what I needed to forget about a week of showing up just to pay the bills. The always funny “My Wife Thinks Your Dead” was a highlight for me, as was Junior’s amazing work on the guit-steel. Looking forward to his next show in our fair city. You can bet I’ll be there and not square, honey.

I then moved to the Parish and entered a completely different world. When I arrived, DJ Pretty Lights was on stage and absolutely killing it. Irresistible grooves emulated from the turntable and the luscious sound waves made it impossible to keep your body still. My guess is that at least ninety percent of the crowd was dancing. Ninety percent! It was a crazed madhouse. While I’m a girl that has always advocated live music with real instruments, this set had even me appreciating electronica.

Certainly the audience, made up mostly of people in their early 20s, was already hip to this musical format. Expressing themselves through dance, members were demonstrating their individuality in relationship to the music, which is what happens when music is done well. DJ Pretty Light’s ability to do this was undeniable on Friday. His music is available free online at www.prettylightsmusic.com .

Headlining at the Parish was Eoto, comprised solely of Michael Travis and Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident. This two-man project plays a completely improvised set every night, with Mr. Travis handling the keyboards and samplers as Mr. Hann plays live drums. What was cool about this show was that it was completely in the moment; with the artists creating the music at the same instant the crowd was absorbing it. Each of their performances are completely different, so you’ll never really know what to expect from this Drum n Bass/Trip Hop duo. Dancing to a spontaneous creation while visual artists painted onstage was a wonderful way to spend a Friday night. www.myspace.com/eotomusic

Hope to see you out and about, Darlings, and check back to our website for an interview with Eoto. Be lovely ‘til then.

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