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Today, Saturday, I went to the Alamo earlier in the day than normal to catch the Swedish made vampire flick called Frostbite.
It was very well done. It was subtitled in english. That did not bother me because I was wrapped up in the story. I must say that I am into vampire stories. The concept of such monsters has always intrigued me. Being invulnerable but also being cursed to exist. There have been far too few decent Vampire Movies. I am not saying that this one was great, but it was decent.

Wendy and I went to Lovejoy’s this afternoon to help with the registration drive. It was slow, to say the least.
Back over to the Alamo soon to try and get in to Harry’s big secret surprise. Will it be Grindhouse (can’t be this one, they are still filming) or 300 or Black Christmas?

I’ll let ye know what happens.

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