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Hey everyone! Long time no see! In case you were wondering, after recovering from all of the festival madness during September and October, I have just been laying low. I’ve been doing some producing, visiting movie sets, acting etc. I have not had a real chance to see many movies as of late with my erratic schedule, but I did get wrangled into screening one at the behest of a colleague. Now, this colleague does not have the best record of movies that he chooses to drag me to at inopportune times, so I was a little skeptical the day he called me and said that he had a movie that he was screening at a private theatre and I really should come. He, of course, led by asking what I was doing, to that I answered “resting for once”. Then he lets me know that the screening was that night… like in an hour. Grrr….. So I leave my comfy recliner and go out into the dark night to see a movie called Fuel¬†http://thefuelfilm.com.

Once I got there, I got to meet one of the producers of the movie. Ms. Dupre then tells me a bit about the movie. It is a documentary made by her son about bio-diesel, our country’s dependence on oil and what we can do about it. I thought, “Okay, that is something that I know a little about and I have been interested in learning more, what with the current energy and economic crises.”

Let me tell you folks, I really believe that this movie is this year’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” The movie begins with the story of the filmmaker, Josh Tickell and the reasons for his interests in alternative fuel. His journey leads him to starting a pilgrimage across the US in a vehicle called The Veggie Van (You may have heard of it). During his trip he learns more and more about the government-industrial-oil complex and its effects on our economy, lifestyle, and consciousness and brings all of this information to you in a way that is entertaining, shocking, personal, educational, hopeful, star-studded and, most importantly impactful. The best thing about this movie, I think, is that it manages to get across alot of information, ideas and possible solutions without making someone that may have known nothing about the existence of bio-diesel feel talked down to or preached at. You walk out feeling energized and aware of new ideas that you can do to help correct some issues with the planet and further the cause to save..well..ourselves!

All I can say is go out and see it! Opening night is tomorrow night (11/21/08) at the Regal Arbor Theatre. I hope to have an interview with the filmmaker Josh Tickell coming soon, so… stay tuned!


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