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My goodness Darling,

The Fun Fun Fun Fest is rocking my fishnet stockings off. My welcome was Okkervil River’s Will Sheff asking the crowd, “Are you having fun, fun, fun, yet?” It didn’t take long to see the answer was clearly affirmitive, as much of the front of the audience looked like a collection of vintage bobbin head dolls as they were grooving to the group’s bouncy feel.

Seeing the Angry Somoans brought me back to my teenage years, as I got to rock out live to songs I once listened to on a third generation cassette tape through a Sony Walkman cranked up as loud as it could go. Stage diving was prevelent as they rushed through about 25 songs in 35 minutes, playing many of their well known songs, and covering Black Flag’s “Wasted.”

The group that really put the fun into the fest for me was The New Pornographers. I needed a few moments to gather myself afterward. I almost have to start dancing again just thinking about it. Kathryn Calder, you are my hero. A.C. Newman and Neko Case both referred to our fave coffee hang Spiderhouse during the show, and were rewarded with handfuls of requested Rice Krispie Bars from their booth.

Neurosis ended my night with their forceful rawk, as heavy as an oil rig in Midland. At times Sabbath-like, but also venturing into the dark land of Goth, they put together an experience as their music combined with black and white images of a nuclear holocaust and solar elcipses projected a a big screen behind them. Not for the timid.

Tomorrow promises to be absolutely killer, with the Saints, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Cat Power, Youth Brigade and dozens more to leave you worn out for work on Monday morning, but knowing that it was all worth it. Viva la weekend!

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