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I am exhausted, Darling. Thank Venus we have an extra hour this weekend.

My day started with the Saints, who absolutely killed it as a trio. I was really looking forward to their performance and was not disappointed. They ripped through their classics such as “(I’m) Stranded” and songs from their new album, “Imperious Delirium,” which held up just as well. Look for an insightful interview with them in the next issue of the Daze.

I had heard a lot about Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, but never had a chance to check them out until Sunday. It was love at first listen as I was blown away by what I considered to be the best set I saw by anyone this weekend. The band had an incredible energy, and played cut loose rock n roll the way it was meant to be played.

Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues closed the weekend for me. Ms. Power was very eccentric, often stopping her singing to complain about the sound. She also stopped to declare that there was a medical emergency in the crowd, although no one could seem to figure out what she was talking about. Near the end of the set, she lamented that her label people only come out to see her when she’s having a bad night. Could you imagine what a Cat Power tour with Ryan Adams would be like?

My opinion of the Fun Fun Fun Fest concurred with many of the people I spoke with. It was very well done, at the perfect time of the year, and without many of the hassles of Austin’s bigger festivals. I am very much looking forward to Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008! 

Meanwhile, look for some photos of the festival to be posted on the Austin Daze web site.

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