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G Funk is dope as shit. If you ever wanted more insight into the west coast hip-hop scene from the early 90’s, G-Funk sheds that light. Specifically ‘chronic-aling’ how Warren G, Snoop Dogg, & Nate Dogg came up together and helped form much of what we know as G Funk.

Influenced by what their parents were introducing them to at a young age, Warren G and Snoop talk about influences like Marvin Gaye, George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic or “P Funk”, Curtis Mayfield, and other funk/soul acts from the 60’s and 70’s.

What may not be known to the masses and what I personally found interesting was that Warren G had to carve his name out separately when these longtime friends were finally getting noticed by Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, who were running DeathRow records in the early 90’s. Warren G was left out in the cold and was snubbed without a contract while Snoop and Nate signed on with the understanding Warren would also get a contract. Warren G would however go on to make one of the most revered albums of that genre, become a legend in his own right, and help save Def Jams from the throes of bankruptcy.

What I really appreciated about G Funk is how simplified it comes across as a documentary while the audience gets the vantage point and wisdom from talented and aging hip-hop singers, producers, writers, and business men including: Too $hort, Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, and Ice T (with the notable missing Dr. Dre). These are funny and articulate individuals that have really come into their own, passing off the torch to the newer generation of rap/hip-hop. Reminiscing about how they just wanted to get their music out to people and you can really see how the rap community, while divided in some areas, were like a big family of collaborators with similar aspirations.

G Funk gave me insight into what was going on during that period in west coast rap community. It’s weird for me to think of these artists in the sense of a passing generation. It seems like yesterday my cousin introduced me to Doggystyle after she got it on cassette.

Easily one of my favorites so far at SXSW. Go get caught up in the G Funk era, I dare ya.

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