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THE MUSIC IS ALIVE THERE.  The vibe is good. IT IS A PLACE THAT SEEMS TO ME TO BE ALL ABOUT LIVE MUSIC. REAL & LOCAL LIVE MUSIC. On occasion, SOME NATIONAL  ACTS PASS THROUGH THE STAGE. TAKE A LOOK AT THE WEEKLY LINE-UP AND YOU’LL SEE  THAT THE BLOSSOMING LOCAL TALENT HAS A HOME THERE.    GROUPS LIKE BAND OF HEATHENS, BELLEVILLE OUTFIT, WARREN  HOOD & THE HOODLEMS, COVERTERS AND TOO MANY TO MENTION, ALL GOT  THEIR START THERE. THIS IS A PLACE ABOUT LIVE MUSIC. Didn’t I just say  that? It seems THEY ARE WILLING TO BE A TESTING GROUND FOR MUSIC. And in this business that is an admirable thing. Another positive sign is that  local promoters flock to the venue with their shows. FunkyBatz and Bemba entertainment as well as others can be found producing stellar gigs there many times a month.  I HAVE SOME ACCESS ISSUES WITH THE CLUB (not the club but the building that the club is in) AS I AM IN A  WHEELCHAIR. BUT EVERYTIME I AM THERE I AM TREATED VERY WELL AND  CARRIED (GRAND PUBAH STYLE)  UP THE STEPS AND EVEN ON TOP THE PORCH, (WHICH IS A MUST HANG)  TRUST ME. Watching the stars while taking in a show is a pretty cool experience, feels almost festival like. I dig and recommend it. I HOPE  THE BUILDING OWNERS PUT A FEW RAMPS. So go to Momo’s. This is a place to support. One of the main reasons I live here is music, and it is good to have a venue that shares that interest.
The Continental Club and Gallery are still  my favorite ( almost churchlike, for me) but Momo’s runs a close second ahead of the Saxon and Antones. Check out their site here http://www.momosclub.com/
See you there!

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