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[fa:p:a=72157594267830938,p=2,id=241711045,j=r,s=s,l=p]I had the opportunity to share words with Mr. Palast before his visit to Austin for the screening at the Paramount Theater. His answers are hardcore and very alienating, but maybe that is what it takes to get people to pay attention and think.

AD: Why do you think Kerry just didn’t fillet Bush on TV with the air force record or any of the other shattering discoveries you made?

GP: Democrats don’t stand up for the same reason as jellyfish, they’re invertebrates.

AD: Did you receive any threats during or after uncovering the information in this film?

GP: In the last year, our file of death threats is up to about 150. The ones I take seriously are coming out of Venezuela where I’ve been covering the rolling coup d’etat organized by the White House against the elected president there.

This year has brought about the greatest number of documentaries about the sham presidency What is your take on this?

GP: It means that with the Fox in the news house, the only way you can get the hard news is the old fashioned way: through newsreels in the theater … or on DVD.

AD: Michael Moore used some of the info you discovered. Why is your film coming out after his?

GP: No, ‘Bush Family Fortunes’ was aired by BBC worldwide more than a year ago … it was simply blacked-out in the USA. BBC offered it to US networks but as one Time-Warner exec said, “Love it, baby, but the network would never let me air it. How about making us something less controversial?” If your president stopped shoplifting elections and using the 82d Airborne for oil exploration, I could make something less controversial.
Given that BBC ran up against the electronic Berlin Wall on US broadcast, we’re putting it out on DVD so you can watch it in your rumpus room, shades down, so Mr. Ashcroft won’t know.
‘9-11’ is good prep for Bush Family Fortunes: after you’ve seen Moore, you’re ready for the hard core of hard facts … the ugly little documents, like Dick Cheney’s oil maps of Iraq, the FBI’s 1-99I document and Jeb Bush’s computer files. Plus, with Moby doing my track, you get some good booty music while you’re watching the fall of the Republic.

AD: I think there will be grand scale riots and revolutions if Bush gets another 4 years. What do you think? His lying and perjury should land him in a penitentiary not the presidency.

GP: As the philosopher Aretha Franklin says, “Who’s zoomin’ who?” Next week Harper’s will publish my expose on the plan for the heist of Florida 2004 (not to mention New Mexico).

I expect Americans to react angrily by pushing all the buttons on their remotes. But as long as the land of the brave stays on the couch, the Occupation will continue and you and I will have the next screening in the Weird Austin Wing at Guantanamo.

AD: What do you think of Bill Mayer’s show?

GP: I think that it is so fitting that the only way to see it is to have HBO. I am glad that our voices are extending through the airwaves, even though they are limited.
I’ve been on Bill’s show. It’s a damn shame that in Britain I report on the nightly news; in the US, I have to put on a red nose, balloon shoes and sneak onto network TV as a clown.

AD: Do you think Kerry is a white night?

GP: Well, he’s white. Kerry is another rich, privileged little prick … in other words, Mt. Rushmore material compared to the junta in the White House now.

AD: What is your favorite thing about Austn?

GP: It doesn’t smell like Houston.

AD: Anything else you want to add?

GP: Don’t run into the streets AFTER the election … get off the couch NOW. I’m not coming to Austin to show a movie – hey, I’ve seen it – we’re having a meeting, forming a conspiracy, to prepare for November and beyond. I expect to see you there or you’ll have to have a note from your parents on why you couldn’t attend. And go to www.GregPalast.com to get the news you’re not supposed to get from my Guardian columns and BBC TV. See you in cyberspace. *

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