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[fa:p:a=72157600257285560,id=511734872,j=r,s=s,l=p] A Media Frenzy in our oasis. We and our fellow colleagues lined up like assassins at the premiere, our media gear aimed and ready to fire off quick questions to the stars of what is sure to be a cult classic. Rapid fire. Nothing too in depth. Here’s the quick shot.

AUSTIN DAZE: Seemed like you were having a really great time. What was it like working on “Grindhouse?”

MARLEY SHELTON: Oh my gosh, I was a kid in a candy shop. Working with Robert and Quentin-they are such hospitable filmmakers. They just bring you into their world of movie love and it’s just a dream come true. They are both brilliant, original, and cutting edge.

AUSTIN DAZE: Why “Grindhouse” now, and do you think we’ll be seeing more of these kinds of films?

QUENTIN TARANTINO: As far as “Grindhouse,” if people like them we’ll do more of them. There is actually more of this stuff coming out and already out. We didn’t know. All of a sudden there is this big article about “Smokin’ Aces” that’s done in this style and “Black Snake Moan” that is done in this style-we didn’t know those guys were doing that. I guess there is a collective consciousness.
Why now? …Why not?

[fa:p:a=72157600257285560,id=511735444,j=r,s=s,l=p] AUSTIN DAZE: What was it like to be the bad guy?

KURT RUSSELL: I’ve been the bad guy before but not like this. I mean this guy was just a mess. But it’s funny. I enjoyed it because I had a great time working on the movie and I love the opportunity of doing this part in this particular movie and to be part of this evening. For me that was a great opportunity. Playing the bad guy fit right in.

AUSTIN DAZE: How did you like acting in a movie rather than being a stunt double?

ZOE BELL: It was fantastic for me. I mean the talking part made me a bit nervous because I had never done that before but being able to do both sides of the character was really great for me because normally I only get to do one side. Having both, having the whole character to play with, meant that I was really free to sort of discover a whole bunch of different areas to go with because we didn’t have to avoid my face. It was really exciting.

AUSTN DAZE: How was it working with Quentin and Robert?

ZOE BELL: Fantastic. It was just brilliant. It was really exciting for me because when I was a stunt double, Quentin would ask me to think like an actress, ask me my motivation and my intentions-all these words that I had never heard before as a stunt woman. So it was fun for me to actually be an actor and have it really make sense for me and really understand what he was trying to pull from me. It came full circle. It was brilliant.

AUSTIN DAZE: How did it feel to be in a horror movie? What was the biggest difference?

[fa:p:a=72157600257285560,id=511735644,j=r,s=s,l=p] ROSE MCGOWAN: Every time you have a bunch of strange people going around with stuff oozing out of their face does make it different from your regular Hollywood experience. But everybody that had those things on were smiling and laughing. It was, “Hey Rose,” and “Hey, Bob what’s going on?” So that made it easier on the eyes. But the whole thing was so over the top and so absurd in the best possible way and really smart at the same time. So that’s the difference from this horror movie and a lot of the horror movies that are out now that are just purely to torture and do horrible things to women. This was not that at all. Someone said it best when they said, “I’ve never laughed so hard and dry heaved at the same moment.” That should be the tag line on the poster.

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