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Last night we braved the crowds downtown and went to the Belmont on West 6th Street. The Belmont is my favorite outdoor venue. There’s something about being unIMG_8110der the stars downtown that is magical.

IMG_7986Last night was cold, and by my standards, 40 degrees made me feel like an IMG_8037Eskimo, but when Grupo Fantasma hit IMG_8065the stage, they sent a surge of warmth through the crowd. Everybody began to move and dance to the Latin grooves. I have been a fan of Fantasma since the very beginning. And though members have come and gone through out the years, they still possess the talent and style to create some of best dance music I know of. I’ve rang in the New Year six times with this band, so you could say they are my good luck charm. Over the years the crowd has changed for me, in the way that I don’t know everybody anymore, but the groove stays constant, and everybody is having a great time.

The musical pallet on New Year’s Eve in Austin is always so great and so diverse. You really can’t go wrong with anything you pick to bring in the New Year. Grupo Fantasma packs that extra punch that makes them my first choice. I took a friend who has never seen the band last night and she had a great time. She said there’s no better way to bring in the New Year, with some Latin song and dance.



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