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Thank for all the love and good words about our new website. It will grow to be an important part of the Austin Daze. Just you watch…
We are working on getting the blog system under control. Hope you found me. This baby is all interactive so you can comment on anything. Do not be afraid to comment. Do not worry about plugging in your email.As we do not get it. It just keeps out spammers.

Tonight kicks off Fantastic Fest at Alamo Drafthouse. I’ll be there. I have this strange atraction to horror movies. I look em up, watch the trailers and even sometimes go see them. Most times my imagination takes these stories to a scarier level than the films. Sometimes the films just grab me and twist me all up. They freak me. That’s what there supposed to do I guess. I grew up with the eighties slasher films. Those films were not really scary to me cause the protagonist always survives and the settings were pretty foreign to my situation. On the flip side, the killer was sometimes who I would root for cause the characters were lame. Until I started to dig girls and go camping. Then it came home.

Tonight is the premiere of TCM The Beginning. I have a feeling this one is gonna be hardcore. I let you know tomorrow.

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