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The Belmont is really a great venue. The sound, lighting and the accessibility of the space are perfect. I have a few favorite venues in town, after the Continental, but this is a new one on my list. I believe that I had been to the Belmont a few years ago at SXSW, but it definitely did not look like it did for this show. Much has changed for the better. The sound was excellent. The floor had two levels. You start out on the upper level, and there is a ramp that leads down to the lower level in front of the stage. I am in a wheelchair, and I ONLY like to be up front, so this made the access great for me. There was no roof over the floor area at The Belmont, so it was also cool to be under the city sky. I believe that when it rains they’ll be able to put the venue under a tent. Not having a roof helps with the capacity numbers, it’s a weird thing but when you don’t have a roof at a venue, for some reason you’re allowed by law to have more people. With the move of Antones to the East side, I had thought that the only only reason now to venture downtown was ACL live at the Moody theater, but now I have another reason. The Belmont is definitely a venue I’ll be returning to.

64220_10151615088424903_337054969_nHardproof killed it last night. This is a band that really blows my mind. They get better every time I see them. They are on the verge of exploding I’m sure that they garnered a whole new set of fans at this show, because I did not recognize much of the audience. I am friends with the members of this band, and it is such a cool thing to see them take off in this way. When these guys do a local show I’m usually parked right up front, and grooving. I  think the only puzzle piece missing is an album,  preferably live, so as to  capture some  of the infusing energy.

541430_10151615031069903_455798592_nThe Rebirth Brass Band means New Orleans to me.  This band and I go way back. When I was booking shows up at Ruta Maya, we booked them many times. It is no secret that I am a fan of horns. This band frequently changes members, but there is always is a lot of brass on stage. Last night there were six horns, two trombones, two trumpets, a sax and a tuba.  That is the recipe for a good funking time. These guys do not ever disappoint. I was a magnet at this show. Everyone was dancing and having a blast. I am seriously reconsidering going to Jazzfest…


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