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Ever wonder what it is like to see a band on the verge of  exploding?
HARDPROOF is there.
These guys have been building up steam and a large local following. They blew me away earlier this  summer at Antones. During that show, I was seeing it happen. I have been fortunate to witness this  transformation many  times  over   the years, in town. Something  snaps  and all  the player’s sounds just gel and fit into each other. Really, it is a magical  thing to  witness. It must  feel awesome to feel this   happen on stage. I wish I  took   the  time  to   learn a musical instrument when younger, but I have learned how to appreciate good  tunes. That’s a good thing that I’m happy about. And for the rest of the month the good music is at The Continental Club on Tuesdaze at ten or so. Well,  I’m a bit of a regular regular for the   early show,TONI PRICE and often   the late show  in     the gallery,  EPHRAIM OWENS  EXPERIENCE. So , the good music is already   there on that day. HARDPROOF is the  new addition in August, or even  better, the new compliment. The middle  slot on Tuesdaze is a gold slot. Alejandro anyone?  Last Tuesdaze at the         Continental, HARDPROOF killed it. The magic and flow  of their show  became solid.  Really great.  I hope these guys take the  next step  forward with power  and  clarity.     The creation is there    and the sounds groove. Get there early for the 2nd slot as word has for sure gotten out. Get ready  for some great horns, guitars, keyboards,   drums , a bass,  special  guests and   more. This is a 9 piece band. Get  ready  for a fun night of Afrobeat. The jazz and funk mix and dance in melodies that shake the venue. See you there… Check out  their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hardproof

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