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This weekend Russ and I attended Fangoria’s “Weekend of Horror,” a film festival sponsored by the magzine celebrating all things horror. The fest presented screenings of films, tons of merchandise, and the chance to engage horror film icons and masters. The real horror was the registration lady we met as we entered the festival. She refused almost every request and answered each question with a snarl and a fanged attitude which theatened to slash Russ and me. We made it into the show just in time on Saturday to hear a panel discussion with the reunion cast of Friday the 13th. Kane Hodder who played Jason, who is one big mother@#&*, along side the director answered questions and told stories about throwing people through windows naked, roofs falling on their heads, and houses blowing up. All very interesting, but the most intriguing part of this panel was director John Buechers commentary on the state of the Motion Picture Association of Americas rating system. Buecher stated that “horror is like comedy, it needs a payoff” and that the MPAA “snipped the testicles off of (the movie)!” He followed by saying that the MPAA were ” a bunch of 50 year old housewives in Encino” which was greated with a round of applause from the marginal crowd in the room.

On Sunday we made it to the festival a little earlier and had escaped registration with our skins still intact. We even got a bottle openner for free! Free stuff is cool. We wanted to check out, in our opinion the two heavey hitters of this festival, Robert Rodriguez of Grind House and actor, makeup artist, and stuntman. Both gave great talks and were very cool. Robert Rodriguez, a very down to earth type of guy, talked about the movie biz, but was pretty secretive about upcoming projects. He did mention that a Clash of the Titans movie is on the board. When asked about working with Quentin Tarantino he stated “Its better not to have him around” because they were like two kids and never got any work done on the set.

The coolest part of the whole festival happened by chance. Russ and I went to get a cup of coffee and who walks up but Tom Savini. Tom Savini is the guy that “makes horror look good.”058_1.JPG He has been involved in more classic flicks than you can count and is THE guy in the industry. He has started his own special effects and makeup training school where top artists in their field instruct the next generation of horror masters. Look for the interview with Tom Savini in an upcoming issue of the Daze. You can’t top running into Tom at a coffee stand and getting a chance for a face to face meeting, I mean they were charging 40 bucks just for an autograph in the show. After that Russ and I packed it in. All in all the show was not much to scream at, but cool to sink our teeth into some of the real pros of the industry. Peace, E

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