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Billboard Showcase: Pangea (Friday night)

Howlies: — Bringing the garage doo wop from Atlanta the Howlies put on a show that was powerful and beautiful at the same time. “Angeline” and “Aluminum Baseball Bat” were the highlights with harmonizing, strong guitar solos, a lead singer/drummer and lots of rock and roll. They were definitely the showcase highlight although they headlined early and the crowd wasn’t quite ready for them. Had they headlined an hour later the crowd wouldn’t have been able to stand themselves and would have had to bop and rock and wham and bam and bang around in order to make the Howlies show feel real. This is an up and coming band that you MUST check out. A unique rock n’ roll style all their own. Worth the record purchased and definitely worth the live show.

Never!Shout!Never!: This band has been together for only two weeks and it shows in their teeny bop appearance and empty lyrics. All members underage (how the hell did the get in this showcase) with no album in place  this four piece pseudo pop rock band had high pitch vocals that were right on, but that’s about it. There was no depth in their show, no depth in the music being screamed from the amps and definitely no depth in the lyrics. They showed their age and inexperience on stage by bringing a show that wasn’t quite ready to be showcased. High on the myspace downloads thanks to the tween population, I suppose they made it out there because of that popularity. Endings to songs were abrupt and unexpected, there were lots of “sweets’ and “right ons.”  Mainly focused on poppy love songs that made my stomach turn and made me feel a bit nauseous at the end.

Graham Coxon: Guitar player from blur with about six records out he brought the Nick Drake/Alexi Murdoch sound, but didn’t quite pull it off. On stage with only his acoustic guitar and a stool, he belted out melodies that were impressive but just didn’t reach the top of his counterparts. Here are 16 things were noticed:

1. Has a foreign accent

2. Either sitting on a stool or an oompa loompa (too crowded to tell)

3. Acoustic soloist playing a wooden instrument with strings attached

4. Non-opaque

5. Laying on a “U” shaped slouch

6. Most likely healthy, but unknown because no medical records were shared.

7. Large crowd with the majority of people high

8. Salubrious

9. Lighted red backdrop for extra folk effects

10. Country roots mayor

11. Non assuming

12. Wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt

13. His hair sloped to the left and a hat might suit him well

14. Unused drum, amp and guitar equipment sitting sadly behind him

15. Mainly watched the show through other’s cell phones as the crowd was packed

16. Folksy rootsy sound

17. Soft finger picking throughout set

18. Seems to be covering the overdone folk sound of 100 other bands

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