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M Ward: Wednesday night show at the Central Presbyterian Church. He played acoustic solo and would take samples and loop them around while singing on top. His vocals soared and reverberated throughout the church. Milled around with the sound of the guitar. Played one instrumental track and finished off with a highlight on the keyboard.

The Girls: Thursday night opener at the Central Presbyterian Church playing their first show in Texas. Straight out of San Francisco they came on stage relaxed and only held your attention with instruments in hand. Vocals sounded washed out in the beginning, but it seemed to ease up as the show continued. It was experimental/indie rock with lots of instrumentation used for distortion which were definitely the highlights as the vocals didn’t seem to live up completely to the rest of the strength of the band. A few songs picked up the pace with a total punk rock appeal where the guitars took over and the sound encased you in its folds. The fourth song played was erethral and a bit emo rock with slow tempo swat with some country roots behind it. The end was pure distortion madness with sounds that vibrated the pews. Floppy hats, tank tops and long hair dominated the stage presence and they were heavy on the instrumentation light on the lyrics. First album due out sometime in June.

The Rural Alberta Advantage: Alternative folk with a unique approach to their sound, this three member band included a drummer, acoustic guitarist/lead singer and a percussionist that would dance around the stage, clap her hands and generally kept you entertained throughout their set. Opening with straight acoustic guitar and a few beats on the drums with the drummer and the percussionist taking turns, they fired up  into a full sound that was heavy and full of depth. Vocals were right on with harmonies following close behind. The second song was organ heavy, but still invoked that alt/folk feeling. Vocals were powerful and ecstatic at times with a fluid voice that filled the room and often felt like he was harmonizing himself. Some of the songs were amazingly potent for a three member band with rock coinciding with heavy instrumentation and percussion elements. They ended their set by coming off stage into the crowd and playing a sweet song unplugged bidding the crowd goodnight.

Grizzly Bears: Two words: Bad Ass.

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