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DARK DARK DARK. The poster art makes this movie look mainstream. It is not.
This film just grabbed me and shook baby shook!!! It worked. You can really  tell that Werner Herzog and cast and crew had a great time putting this together.  Cage is in top  form here.  He goes for broke being bad. The best work he has done in a long time.
And no, not everyone is going  to get it. I lucked out and saw this in a full Alamo Drafthouse theater. The crowd was mostly cinephiles and movie geeks. AICN presented this event.  So, it is safe to  say that we got the gist of what was going on. This film was dark but the humor that flowed was golden. I rented “BAD LIEUTENANT” after the screening. There are many similarities, I wonder why nothing else I have read on this film mentions that.”BL:POCNO” seems to take these similar elements one step further and fleshes them out so to speak. The dialogue here is awesome. I must have said “TIL THE BREAK OF DAWN” a hundred or more times this past week and most folks around me have no  idea why. This film walks  a  tightrope over having no clue. And therein lays the magic.   I recommend this full on.
If you love films and can name another Herzog title off the top of your head or enjoy an occasional trip to the darkside, this film is for you. I will see this again. OPENS DEC 11TH.WATCH TRAILER HERE

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  1. Russ

    “TILL THE BREAK OF DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!”